Moses Caicedo says goodbye to Brighton after confirmed Arsenal bid

Well, it would certainly appear that the Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo is on his way to Arsenal in the final few days of the transfer window, and it is suddenly even more imperative that he joins the Gunners after the outstanding Thomas Partey was taken off injured in last night’s FA Cup defeat at Man City.

The Ecuadorian was needed urgently even before the game last night, and after Fabrizio Romano confirmed yesterday afternoon that the Gunners had put a firm bid of 60m for him, it appeared that Arteta was very keen on taking our third Brighton player in the space of 18 months.

And Caicedo is definitely convinced that he will be leaving the Amex, although he didn’t actually mention Arsenal specifically, but he thanked Brighton and talked about his “fantastic opportunity”

Here is his full instagram post that makes his intentions very clear…..

So, it looks like us Gunners are finally getting the midfielder we have craved for so long at last!


WATCH – Arteta disappointed in defeat, but talks about Partey’s injury and Arsenal still looking for new players…”

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  1. This Caicedo rumour seems legit.
    The problem is that I hear that Chelsea are now back in for him. Is he pushing for a move to Chelsea or Arsenal? Or he just want to god to whoever is willing to meet Brightons asking price of about £80 million?

    With Partey now with a bit of injury, Elneny injured and plain not good enough, Lokonga as always looking like a 16 year old high school boy playing with the big boys etc. we need a seriously Partey deputy as we have been saying for 2 seasons now.

    1. I think he wants the Arsenal move because a few weeks back when Chelsea had a £55M verbal offer turned down by Brighton he didn’t come out to say he wants to leave then.

      1. Time for the chelsea “scouting” team to step in and blow money at Brighton methinks… but I hope not.

      2. Brighton players are always want to come to Arsenal and this kid is no exception.
        Unfortunately we have back ourselve in a corner now we have no choice but to bring this kid at all cost, Brighton knows we are desperate and may not be too cooperative.

        Am amazed how effective this club is in their transfer dealings.
        Very soon this club is going to sell a player for over £100 mil.

        We got to empty the war chest now and bring this kid in, the gaffer wasn’t a big fan of Bissuma but he certainly like this kid so may have to pay Brighton over the top for Caicedo.

    2. I really appreciate the work done by arsenal and I we still have a big problem in the midfield, we need agood defensive midfielder to cover for partey and “caicedo”can do that for us,So if the rumours about bringing him to the club,” Plz I beg arsenal hierarchy to act accordingly and get this deal done as soon as possible to avoid Chelsea’s hijack again “coz I heard they are in the run for him,this guy will give arsenal astrength that no team will easily beat them now and in future years.

      1. True, Mr. Okwaju James. Honestly we need our own Partey Deputy, let the Arsenal Board work upon this deal to materialise. We so Caicedo playing for Ecuador very well during the time of World Cup in Qatar and he has continued to be so perfect in the middle of the park for Brighton this Season.

    3. With the Partey injury may or may not be serious and the title choice on, the need for a DM now can’t be more obvious. Yes, Caicedo is a top choice, but who knows how stubborn Brighton are going to be. Make the best offer but be ready to move on. Zubimendi has a release clause and could be good cover for Partey, an experienced enough player even though no EPL play. With the release clause would not be too late, not needing negotiations

  2. Immediately we bid he posted dis msg which is their record signing since cucurella is 55 with add on. He rejected Chelsea lol…… Arsenal is so attractive right now.
    Although Chelsea can pip us to get him bcos they won’t give up, they still have Potter factor who is his former coach and boehly or whatever he is called who hav unlimited cash

    1. @Savage
      But we heard the same thing about Mudryk. He kept putting out all these Arsenal click baits. We were assured that Mudryk only wanted to join Arsenal blah blah.

      This attractiveness is just subjective. Players will move to any club that is willing to pay them more. The days of “He loves, is loyal to the club” finished more than 10 yeara ago. These players have no personal association with clubs. They are just business men looking out for themselves.

      1. Hey, as you judge players of not being loyal, have you forgotten that heroic Zinchenko & Jesus turned down chelsea’s big offers just for Gunner’s loyalty!

  3. “So, it looks like us Gunners are finally getting the midfielder we have craved for so long at last!”
    Do you know that there’s at least three big clubs gunning for his signature? Chelsea just went in with a renewed offer, we plan to submit our second offer, liverpool are also interested. All Caicedo says is he should be allowed to make this move but doesn’t specify where. Might be Chelsea or Liverpool offering more cash Mudryk style, who knows? Hold your horses man.

  4. By all means, get in here Caicedo. We can open the door to Lokonga going the other way on loan, to soften their stance on selling, seeing they may not have adequate replacement on time

    1. Even if we sign Caicedo still can’t afford to let Lokonga leave because of Partey and Elneny injuries meaning we are really short of numbers in midfield

  5. I think he’s preferred destination will be Arsenal.
    He has an opportunity to win the league in his first season with them.

    1. Arsenal have the reason to really get Caicedo. Chelsea no longer can use their 8 year contacts to offset against FFP. We have a real start on Caicedo, Next seasons Champions League and the PL now.

      1. Also with Partey out now he would go straight into the starting lineup unlike if he we had signed Mudryk.

      2. Actually they *can* use 8 year contracts. The new FSR rules limiting amortisation to 5 years don’t kick in until the summer window (and they don’t apply retrospectively).

        So if anything, Chelsea may not be seeing this as their last chance to do this kind of deal.

        I wonder if they know that they’re already way over current limits and knowing that they’ll get a transfer ban, they’ve decided to go the whole hog and trying to build for the next 2-3 years.knowing that no reinforcements will be coming.

        1. ** Second para should’ve read:

          “So if anything, Chelsea may be seeing this as their last chance to do this kind of deal.”

          (the “not” shouldn’t be in the original post)

  6. If we up our bid to £75M-£80M maybe via achievable add-ons that should hopefully be enough and with player publicly stating he wants to leave it will be difficult for Brighton to turn that offer down.

    Hope Partey’s injury isn’t too bad because we need him back for the Man City game.

  7. Brighton wont sell for the 60 million and not only that they will not sell now til the summer ! as they 1, dont want to. 2, do not need to sell 3, Wont be able to bring in a replacement in time !! so yet again we mess up a signing we need all because we will not match the price wanted !! but stranger things have happened fingers crossed ! but does look like it is not going to happen until the summer if at all

  8. Surely we need tht kind of player like Moises ,anyway Am here waiting for `here we go` thats when i will smile

  9. For long I have been doubtful of the scouting mission at Chelsea, they don’t seem to hold any clue other than wait and pounce and pour money with undue return like at City.
    Fingers crossed.

  10. Instead of spending 75M on one player, Arsenal should try 2 players. One around 50 and another around 25 . If Partey is injured then Arsenal are very very short in MF to play PL & Europe and both look winnable on current form.

  11. This appears to be unfolding into Mykhailo Mudryk, Act II ….. Chelsea’s gonna outsmart Arsenal yet again with similar trickery. Lie low on the pretext of dropping their interest. Let Arsenal keep haggling over the transfer price. Then in one fell swoop they top Arsenal’s whatever offer and then hand the player a long long contract to spread the transfer fee more cheaply over the period of the long contract. Looks like the Arsenal CEO and Board are not only not imaginative and not astute in responding to the market …. they never learn!!!!!

    1. It’s high time Arsenal hirachy and scouting staffs stop this shit of talking too much and doing little, players are signed by going full throttle to the signing. Many football clubs in Europe knows very well that Arsenal scouting staffs are very smart in player selections hence, once we identify a player the likes of Chelsea comes with the money in the bags, splashes it out and boom they out smart us. The Croenkes should stop being stingy on spending for a reasonable course and open the money bags.

  12. Your true my friend I agree with you that instead of buying one player in 80m,they can just buy 2 players and work for us

  13. Brighton have just had official contact with Arsenal: NOT for sale. Caicedo told to stay away from BHA til Feb 1st. That’s it, time to move on. We are down to one midfielder now.

  14. Can he(Moises) solve arsenal midfield worries? The last time I checked arsenal were heavily linked to Declan Rice. Arsenal should rather materialize Rice’s deal for more quality in the middle

  15. For me it seems as Arsenal is always used to create bidding war for footballers other teams are interested in signing so as to raise their tags. This is what what happened in the case of Mykhailo Mudryk. So I am sensing a similar scenario with Caicedo.

  16. When you look at his tweet on Instagram,he said his dream is to be a most decorated player in n Ecuador which is good and easy to reach in ARSENAL.

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