Confirmed Arsenal team to face Sean Dyche’s Everton side

Arsenal will travel to take on a newlook Everton side after Sean Dyche’s appointment as head coach.

The Merseyside club took the decision to cut ties with Frank Lampard after a disastrous first half of the campaign which had left his side ominously close to relegation. With just under half the season remaining however, there is plenty of time for Everton to save themselves, and the appointment of the English boss appears a smart one from the outset.

Whether their side can make an immediate impact in reaction to the change is another story however, coming against the best side in the country thus far, but we will not have to wait too long to find out however.

We go into this tie with a few injury issues, but the confirmed XI looks more than strong enough to overcome today’s opponents on paper.

Admittedly, I thought Partey was on course to miss out today as he was a doubt, but certainly happy to see him make it.



WATCH – The boss talks about Martinelli’s contract, how happy he is that Jorginho has arrived and was the transfer window a success? Also talks about Sean Dyche and our awful record at Goodison Park…….”

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  1. As expected line up..
    DCL is playing for Everton so Sean Dyche certainly going with his trademark long ball tactic and set piece tactic

  2. Sean Dyche is truly back 4-4-1-1? Looks like 5-4-1 with doucoure as the fifth defender haha! Welcome to Brexit football ladies and gentlemen.

    1. What does Brexit have to do with it?

      I think the admins are keen to avoid politics being discussed here, for very understandable reasons, but if you want to get into a debate on the pros and cons of Brexit I’d be more than happy to do that – elsewhere.

  3. Four more to comeback from injury which is going to make a selection headache (a good one to have).

    Wondering how will that change our bench?
    Drubbery would be replaced by Jesus. ESR might come in for Rob Holding. Elneny might not be available. What will happen to Reiss Nelson? He might have played the last game for Arsenal this season. Or drop Tierney?

  4. I’m no fan of Dyche but he might surprise us.this Everton team/squad is better than any Burnley teams he managed.we shouldn’t underestimate them.i hope that our midfied doesn’t get physically bullied.

    1. Yes good point. The teams we’ve struggled against have been when teh ref’s done nothing when the opposition’s kicked us to death.

      A lot will depend on the refereeing here. The PL standard of officiating is about the worst in any sport world-wide – people blame it on VAR, but it’s not, it’s the officials. They’re rubbish.

  5. An interesting stat has come up. We have won 99 games against Everton, so we could become the first team to beat a side 100 times.

  6. I think Everton will be harder to beat now with Dyche at the helm but hopefully he hasn’t had time to do much with the squad.

    We suffered last season when our fixtures v Newcastle and Spurs away were rearranged to the end of the season so that we faced Newcastle pretty much as they are now rather than Newcastle uner Bruce (who were similar to Everton under Lampard).

    Dyche has realised that the big bloke up front tactic is the only way Everton can play with their lack of strikers and it seems to fit very well against a team that likes to play a high press (i.e. us). So I hope this doesn’t pan out like the first Man Utd match.

    Maybe it’s just that the lean years have made me feel nervous all the time before matches that we should win on paper, but it’s a shame Lampard couldn’t cling on for one more week.

  7. The way this is going, we will end up with 10 men, everton will kick us off the pitch and we will lose 1-0!!!
    What a miss from Nketiah though… come on Arsenal!!

  8. Arsenal need a real wing back out there. Ben White is out of his depth. Also the so called leadership group of Xhaka, Odegaard and Partey must step up or else points thrown away.

  9. Anybody still think Onana isn’t the FUTURE
    @ DM for Arsenal?

    Dude has absolutely BOSSED Arsenal and the
    middle of the pitch so far.

  10. Not our best at all. Dyche has certainly made a better impression than I expected and Everton can count themselves unlucky not to be ahead.

  11. Terrible first half for us but max credit to Everton. We could be 2 -0 down by now. MA needs a bit talk at half time if Arsenal are to get anything from this well drilled Dyche team!

  12. These are fixtures that title winning teams find
    a way to steal a win on a day there clearly
    second best. No shame in a smash and grab
    today, Everton have EVERYTHING to gain with
    such a performance.

  13. Shades of deja vu regarding Dyche’s teams bossing Arsenal. The second half is going to make or break our team in terms of character.

  14. You don’t need to look at the manager in the dug out to know who is coaching this team. No space in midfield, double up on oput wingers and going forward crosses, crosses and more crosses.

    1. Not rocket science, why we don’t play down the middle more. Xhaka just not good enough. Nketien too flat. We need a Gabriel Jesus there to twist and turn their defenders around. Someone unpredictable like Viera might be a solution, but I really hope ESR returns soon. His style of one two pass and run is crucial in this type of game.

  15. Dyche seemed to have fully understood Arteta’s tactic. Everton have very good players and Dyche used them better than Lampard did

    I’m sure Arteta was glad to have escaped from the first half. I think he’ll bring in Trossard after the 70th minute

    1. But slowly this is becoming a trend now to play against us…
      We are seeing this from past few matches when our wingers are getting watched by 2 defenders..
      We need our full back to attack to help wingers or we need to cut down the Everton’s defence through middle..

    2. I’d bring him (Trossard) in immediately, unless Gabi is going to change his style in the 2nd half. He’s been double teamed all through and unlike Saka who is also double teamed, Gabi seems to run out of ideas a bit..

  16. We’ve been a bit average but we kept our shape which makes me think we’ve got this. Gabi should lift his head up and look around ’cause he’s being double teamed meaning there’s space to exploit. That’s where trossard comes in.

  17. Actually Trossard should come on ’cause Dyche seems to have found a solution for Gabi’s threat in this match.

  18. Let’s hope this is a one off because we were poor today. Everton deserve the win though. They were fantastic. Dyche has done what he always does and we had no answer so full credit to him too.

  19. After doing nothing all game I’m sure the amazing Xhaka will lecture the younger players on their lack of spirit but personally I put this one down to Arteta. White and Xhaka should have been taken off earlier. Tierney brought on, and the rest is down to a ” humble”, cheapskate transfer window. Can we bounce back next game?

  20. One of those days where nobody plays well. Arteta shot us in the foot taking Partey off. Idk what he was expecting Jorginho to do. He’s too new to throw on in a game where Everton was physically dominant. Killed any chance of a comeback and we conceded right after that sun. Reminiscent of him panicking at United game. All about bouncing back now. This drop in form on some of our players is coming at a bad time. Tomi may need to start over White for a bit, and martinelli may need some time on the bench too

  21. Sadly, it went the way I was afraid it would. disappointing but few bumps over the course of the season ,are to be expected.

  22. @ RSH Don’t you think Partey probably had some fitness issues. What’s the point in losing the game and losing him for the rest of the season.

    1. I think it was a tactical change that somehow didn’t work out. But these results will be expected along the way. It’s how we react especially our game against city at the emirates

  23. A well deserved win for Everton. Sean Dyche must have sprinkled some magic dust on them because apart from an early dominant spell we had no cutting edge at all. Didn’t really look like scoring and the wasted chances by Everton belied the final scoreline.
    Considering ourselves favourites for the title is a wee bit premature

  24. Sloppy. As good as Everton defended at times we were just not at it. We gave the ball away lot when players were not under severe pressure. Better 2nd half but no complaints over the result. We’ll see how they react. You need be relentless in these away fixtures if you want the title.

  25. Apart from the loss, its the finishing that was most frustrating. Didn’t look at the stats but didn’t find much on target.
    Now that the game in hand is gone, we need to get at least one draw against City and continue to be near perfect the rest of the games.

  26. Can’t win them all. Big ups to Everton, they played their socks off. Our destiny is still in our hands. On to the next one. Keep your heads up lads…

    1. Definitely, but today’s performance just showed the players could not manage thier nerves in front of goal which I think might be from the pressure of being at the top. Hope this is just a blip.

      I don’t want to take anything away from Everton though, they had a great game especially Mykolenko, Doucoure, McNeil and Onana.

  27. I honestly wont worry much about this result. I would be worried if we went with the same attitude vs Brentford. Personally I’m thinking this was a one off ’cause we completely underestimated Sean Dyche and his team.

  28. An averagely performing Partey is still better than Jorginho especially in a physically match like this one. They only players that need to come out and that time we’re Ben White and Martinelli.

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