Sean Dyche’s Everton earn a deserved win over a lacklustre Arsenal side

Arsenal will make the long trip back to London disappointed after losing 1-0 to Everton on Merseyside.

The Gunners named the same starting line-up for the fifth consecutive game, but despite the consistency on the teamsheet, we struggled for form early on.

The first half was a real struggle for us, with Sean Dyche’s appointment bringing an immediate improvement from their side, and we eventually made it to the break level. Bukayo Saka had come closest to scoring in the opening 45 minutes, but two chances for Dominic Calvert-Lewin really should have been put away also.

After the break, the deadlock was finally broken, and it was no shock that it was another dangerous Everton corner which bared the fruit for the opener. James Tarkowski managed to find space between a sea of players to get his head onto the ball and send it into the goal, leaving us just 30 minutes on the clock to put things right.

Despite bringing on all of Jorginho, Leandro Trossard and Fabio Vieira, we still struggled to break through an organised Dyche defence. Odegaard tried to place an effort into the far side of the net, only to send his effort wide of the post with time ticking on.

As normal time ticked over into injury time, I couldn’t help but feel a little hopeful when seeing that there was to be six minutes added on, but when Zinchenko sent his effort from the edge of the box well high and wide, that hope quickly disappeared, as did all three points which we had hoped to take home this afternoon.

I’ll leave out any comments on the late altercation involving the Ukrainian defender in the dying minutes of the game for now, with the incident not effecting today’s result.

We now have a full week to get ourselves fully ready for our home tie with Brentford, who have proved to be another tough nut to crack previously also.


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    1. Not lack of depth Steph, we have a very strong squad but were outplayed on the day. No excuses, Everton were better all round and should have scored a couple more, whereas Arsenal had just two really good goal-scoring chances. Pickford had hardly a thing to do all match other than time waste.

    2. Pls stop this negativity Stephanie. We were beaten by the better team today. If someone had told you at the start of the season, we’d only have lost two games this season at just passed the halfway point; if we’d be 5 points ahead of City – you and all the other doom monger Gooners wouldve snapped my hand off. So lets look at the bigger picture and know that with each loss, this team will learn and will galvanise that much more.

      We had a VERY strong transfer window and brought in 2 VERY SEASONED PL players and one solid youngster. Having read your post on another thread, you wouldve happily overpaid and spent all our window transfer kitty on one player only. That certainly wouldnt have got a result against Everton today!

      So let’s not get too negative too quickly. Look at the bigger picture and get behind the team. We have NO RIGHT to win every game. We will suffer more losses until the end of the season, but so will City and Newcastle and all the rest too. It’s what we learn and how we react that will make us Champions at the end of the year

    3. Nothing to do with Depth, we were bullied from the start, our cohesion was missing, and Odegaard and Zinchenko having their worse game for Arsenal, Dyche out thought Arteta with the tactics, we should have anticipated the strong-arm tactics, Partey should have been rested, the players were second to the ball, misplaced passes, Zinchenko not using Martinelli on the wing was evident, but it’s a blip, Everton deserved the win, still, five points ahead, Brentford and City at home and I fancy us still to be at least five points clear. Spurs to beat City as they do have a good record against them. Reset and move on

      1. Martinelli is given a new contract, then appears to be frozen out – often in open space, calling for the ball and ignored. He should not have been substituted, as he provided a threat.

        1. I’m not sure about the threat of Martinelli, as he keeps running with the ball toward the corner flag with his eyes facing down…..we don’t use an overlapping left back so we need a winger that cuts into the pockets behind Eddie…..for now I think Trossar is better and unselfish that Gabby….

          1. You’re right about Martinelli and his attacking approach. I think both himself and Saka have become a little predictable when on the attack. However, it has worked for the best part, until today. As soon as either of Gab or Saka got the ball they were doubled up on. Saka had Iwobi, mykolenko and…sometimes onana on him. Whilst Martinelli had Coleman, McNeil and Doucoure on him. Mind you, he looked to struggle against just Coleman !

            Dyche took away our potency by making sure that we had no time to put together a passing game by making sure that at least two or three of his own players were around ours but went one further to make sure the most creative and combative of our players had the most attention ie Partey, Oedegard, Saka and Martinelli. Once they were nullified Everton could then turn a defensive/offensive into a total offensive and attack. Dyche looked at what he had as a team, looked at us and worked out a formula for shutting us out. It might be something he does now against all opposition or, we could’ve been singled out for special attention.

            Either way , it could now become a formula that other teams will use against us. We have to be less predictable Saka and Martinelli moreso as they’re too easy to read, Ake had him in his pocket in the City game and I don’t rate Ake at all!
            We’ve also got to be prepared to notice from the get go what the opposition has in store for us. If it’s a case of them playing an industrial strength brand of football based on a lot of physicality and endeavour, then unless we got the skill and craft to play our through that, we have to be prepared to play that game also. The result might mean a well fought stalemate but it adds to our resolve and gives us another dimension when called for.

            Brentford are a generally physical side anyways but now they’ve seen how we were dealt with by Dyche and his Everton, I wouldn’t be surprised if they adopted a similar method!

            Dyche will be looking to turn a once, amiable footballing Everton into the new Burnley. Hopefully other managers won’t be thinking of turning their teams into the new Everton otherwise Arsenal might have to rethink their gameplay, long term

        2. OzzieG is right.Martinelli is not to blame,many times he was free/had space,sadly our passing and decisions making was such that by the time he received the ball,Everton players had time to double up on him.

    4. Listen Arsenal is playing 2x of what they are really capable. Close your eyes and imagine city first 11 and arsenal first 11 side by side. Then think we are 5 points ahead which we are overachieving.
      Top 4 is our realistic target. Title would be over achievement. So lets not panic.

  1. New players brought in and we looked much worse.

    Big look in the mirror is in order. Now we can only pray Spuds will do us a favor tomorrow.

    We were terrible.

    1. Here we go…
      I knew it. We have the worst set of supporters ever. At a sight of a breakdown. You’ll see them rushing here.
      Did you think we were going to win all our matches?

      This is football, not football manager. Call your nerves.
      I knew this match was going to be tricky. Manager bounce and physicality was going to be in play. The things I was only dissapointed with are two.

      We should have known that this match is going to be all or nothing for them, we should have been prepared for the physicality and long ones. Although we dealt with much of it well until the corner.

      Martinelli shouldn’t start our next match, he was really awful today. He killed all the first half movement. I wish he was really more brilliant. Kept running into cul_de_sac more often than not.

      I am not overly dissapointed tho. Everton are fighting for their lives right now. And every home match they are gonna have is going to be as “powerful” as this.

      We go again

        1. I agree with you. I don’t think the players matched Everton’s energy or intensity.

          They smothered us when we had the ball, double teamed Saka and Martinelli on the wings and we had no answer through the middle.

          Tip your cap to Everton, they outplayed us today, quite soundly. They missed a couple chances as well, could easily have been 3-0 loss for us today.

          We learn, up our energy and intensity and go again next game.

          1. Durand, hopefully Arsenal can learn from this loss and performance; there are no easy games in the EPL and the team has to turn up to be successful. Still a lot of games to go and so much to play for.

      1. spot on, Everton new manager, knows his shit, we didn’t do enough it happens, early kick off always favour the home team, Brentford and City at home for next two games, win them and we are eight points clear, drop the gloomy look we are at a great position, FIVE POINTS CLEAR

  2. Dyche read Arteta’s tactics very well and he’d made a lot of improvement in a very short period of time after taking over Everton from Lampard. Everton deserved to win the game, but conceding from a set-piece is highly unusual for Arsenal this season

    Grentford will be a good exercise before hosting Man City at the Emirates

    1. No, you’re giving him too much credit. I think it’s a combination of new manager bounce and our young lads completely underestimating their opposition. Dyche didnt do anything special, he just double teamed our wingers and Ode, we just didn’t have the energy to exploit the pockets left when they doubled teamed us. Which was quite weird when you think about it

  3. Everyone was off today, just happens sometimes. Everton physically dominated us and we didn’t have an answer. Arteta panicked at 0-0 and made a poor sub taking Partey off. Predictably Jorginho didnt do much as he’s too new to this team to be a fillin already. All about bouncing back next week. No need to overreact, but need to get our mojo back before the city game. Some starters are dropping in performance

    1. I don’t think Arteta Panicked. Partey had an injury against Man City in the FA Cup.

      Arteta doesn’t want to risk it. Managers know why they make decisions.
      We move on to the next match

      1. True, forgot he was previously injured. If Jorginho was a forced change then arteta should think about ways to make Jorginho work in this side. Because i don’t think he works as a like for like switch like he was supposed to be today. I don’t think he was bad, but definitely ineffective and even tho Thomas was not good either, we lost control of the midfield even more.

        1. And there lies the problem. The position is so important to the way we play, and if there is any position where we should have 2 top/world class players then it is there. Statistically, it is really showing that the games we have lost this season are when Partey is not on the field. Are we confident that we will be fine if Partey is out for some weeks? If not, then we have not improved this team in the last 3 windows.

    2. Can Ben White and Martinelli remain on the bench please…..Tommi has been solid in the last few games and combines well with Saka……Viera looks sharp when he has good cover. I wish Tierney could take left back and Oleks takes Xhakas position, no offense to Granite, he has been tremendous but he also needs to rest and allow the team to use new tactics

  4. It was a bad decision pulling Martinelli and Odegard; MA should’ve kept both and pulled Xhaka, as Zenchinko can play in his position when we attack and get back to let when we need him back there.

    We are still on top !

    1. Ah Professor so true. Xhaka had nothing to offer, but he is a rock and is never removed. I just hope the damage today can be quickly reversed and I am wrong that this transfer has been a wasted opportunity.

    2. Martinelli has been dipping in performance for about a month now. Odegaard was totally taken out this game. This is why I think we should’ve gone big on at least one player in Jan and wasn’t raving about our window like the pundits did. Outside of our xi, we still don’t Have players that offer enough. If odegaard has a bad day like today we have no other move on the bench.

  5. There is nothing special about Dyche’s tactics. There is a reason he is managing a relegation-threatened Everton. It just wasn’t our day and we need to move on quickly to the next game.

    1. Exactly Dendrite.Dyche deployed rudimental tactices which seemed to work ’cause we were never at the level we’ve always been. We just lacked that extra drive to pick to so many pockets that they were leaving open

    2. Dendrite, don’t underrate Sean Dyche; his managerial/coaching record at Burnley was excellent, given ” the cattle” and budget available to him. It will be interesting to watch Everton’s progress should they avoid relegation and Dyche is supported in the transfer market. Different to Burnley, Everton has the funds.

  6. Poor. I couldn’t pick out one player who had a good game. Sluggish, second to every ball, careless. Suckered time and again by the long corner. Obvious at half time we would lose. They were sharper, hungrier, stronger, better and thoroughly deserved the win. We just weren’t interested – I have no idea where that performance came from and it’s that rather than the result that is worrying.

  7. There goes our one match at hand and our shield against a potential 2 game defeat against Man City.

    I will take a draw over both legs. Can’t fault Evertons. They were literally fighting for their lives!!

    1. Where do you guys get this idea that our game in hand has somehow disappeared? We have yet to play Everton at the emirates which is the ACTUAL game in hand? After the weekend we’ll be on 20 while the rest will be on 21 matches.

      1. City is the game in hand as it was suppose to be played in December, that’s why Amazon Prime will be showing it, Everton was also a game in hand because of the Queen dying and that affected every team

  8. Disappointed but this had to happen at some point in the season. Mancity dropped pts to Gerard’s villa and lampard’s everton ffs.

    How we react to that loss is what is going to define our season? Do we take it as a simple bad day at the office and return to winning ways or do we have a slump? What we have done this season points to the former.

  9. It was not at all unexpected…
    We haven’t won at Goodison Park since Wenger was in charge..
    And our record against Sean Dyche side is always been terrible..
    Worst part is, our standing game is against Everton only at Emirates..
    We need to rotate the squad…
    Bench Martinelli next match and start with Trossard..
    Give Tomiyasu to start next game..
    We can try Partey and Jorginho partnership in middle of the park next weekend..

    1. Really? Dyche actually lost his first nine games against the Gunners in the Premier League from 2014-2020, with an FA Cup defeat in that period of time as well. He did improve his record, though, with his last five meetings with Arsenal as Burnley boss producing one win, three draws and just one loss.

  10. Just checked and we’re 5 points clear at the top, having played the same number of games – second best GD – lost just two games all season.

    Bad day at the office, it happens.

    Love the media quotes about seeing us bottling it as they predicted, I wonder how many of our own fans will join in?

    1. Not me. I’ve seen enough to know that this was just a blip. Most probably we underestimated them. Lessons will be learned and city will ultimately drop points too. Not worried at all.

    2. Couldn’t agree more Ken1945. Dan Smith will be chomping at the bit with his trusty typewriter. He will be telling us all, “I TOLD YOU SO”. And to rub it in, he’ll tell us all to whisper it to ourselves. This was always going to be a tricky match. I messaged both of my grown-up kids well before this match, saying I wasn’t looking forward to this match. Now I wished we had of played our strongest 11 last week against Manchester City. Some players seemed to have lost that momentum by being rested. It doesn’t always pay to rest players. Some players don’t appreciate being rested. It’s not as though we’ve had to back up from playing in a midweek cup tie. Still 5 points ahead. Anything can happen in the Tottenham vs Manchester City match. I don’t think all is well at Manchester City. As for Arsenal, I certainly haven’t pressed the panic button just yet. But yes, there will be certain pundits wishing this, clapping their hands,,, and a certain Dan Smith being all doom and gloom over this result. This Arsenal team has a totally different mentality and attitude to the Arsenal team of last season. People need to show some faith in this Arsenal team. There’s nothing worse than negativity over a loss away from home. Arsenal’s only second loss at that

      1. pjennings, The fact that you, as plainly an intelligent and educated man – I study how people use and also punctuate English, so “educated” is true – are also fed up, as most of us are, with Dan’s constant negativity, OUGHT to tell Ad PAT to advise DS to at least tone down the unhelpful constant negativity.

        A team so thrillingly ahead of even a fabulous City team, needs negativity like a hole in the head!!

    3. ken, shows the stupidity (or anti Arsenal bias) of many pundits, when they talk about Arsenal “bottling it” after an away loss to a proud Everton battling for Premier League survival. They may have a point if Arsenal has a run of poor results, but currently the points are on the board.
      Alan Brazil on Talk Sport for example rubbished the buying of Jordinho, but also denigrated Ange Postecoglou going to Glasgow Celtic and we all know how that turned out.

  11. Sean Dyche must have studied our game against Leeds earlier in the season. They countered very well.
    When we had our own chances to hit them on the counter we decide to pass the ball backward and sideways.
    I was hoping for a more direct approach after the break but the rest is history now.
    And I have to add, seems White is out of form. We saw it against United and now against Everton.

    1. Yea think most of us are of the opinion tomi should get the next start. Have to keep everyone on their toes and White has been a big worry past couple of matches. Martinelli out of form too but also think that’s down to not setting him up well either. Left side doesn’t get the same amount of passing lanes that saka does. So martinelli just attempts to attack the fullback every time and loses most of his attempts. With Jesus not there to support like he usually does and zinny never overlapping he’s been struggling. Think xhaka needs to make himself available more on that side then.

  12. Got what we deserved today. Barely created anything, kept giving the ball away, and Everton were winning so many second-balls.

    Very rare poor performance. It’s all about the reaction now. We did it after the Utd defeat, so lets go again!

  13. Well it was obvious they were expecting us to play this way. It was
    up to us to change something. Well, now I am not going to tell/teach/coach tactics but I feel we have missed Tierney, today/I quite like how he plays/gives to the team and I feel, he could have contributed, today.Cheers.

  14. It is quite obvious that Jesus is needed in this team. Xhaka has dipped in form same with Martinelli. Jesus’ contribution to this team is understated. He brings the whole frontline together to play like a unit including midfield. Nketiah doesn’t offer that. With Zinchenko always in midfield and not overlapping Martinelli on the left wing you can see that Martinelli needs the striker to pull the defenders around to create space for him, that’s what Nketiah doesn’t do. Watch Martinelli return to form on Jesus’ return. Nketiah has done great, but for the title we need Jesus leading the line.

    1. Xhaka has been alright in past games TBH. It’s just today that he was so off that Trossard nutmegged him with what was clearly a pass. I couldnt believe it. He’ll bounce back next week.

      1. Yes Xhaka has been alright, but personally I don’t think he’s performing on the same level he was with Jesus infront. With Jesus he always had loads of space to operate. Today was an off day for him I’m not criticizing him, he’s been superb but I think Xhaka with Jesus was on a different level.

  15. Yes it’s one game and we’re bound to lose matches in thr course of thr season.

    But do you think our manager goes to our players and say “ah it’s okay boys, this happens”?

    No he doesn’t. He expects much more from them. I don’t see why fans should expect anything less from the team than the manager does. Its not despairing, its being critical when it’s needed.

  16. @ Twinlights Every opposition study our game and that isn’t solely why we lost, but we don’t need to change our philosophy every game unless we start to implode. With today’s game being Dyche’s first game in charge in charge, is there robust sample games to analyze? The answer is no. What matters most is winning our next game and avoiding a loss against City.

    The major issue I have with the fixture list is playing a game behind City. The gap could potentially drop to 2 each time they play before us moving forward, adding unnecessary pressure on us, but we must be able to handle the added pressure if we want to win the league.

    I wish we had played an extra game and they having to level up.

  17. Maybe Partey is injured, or perhaps complacency crept in a d the manager underestimated the importance of Partey. The only guaranteed ball winner we have in the middle of the pack is Partey. I’m afraid we have failed to effectively get a cover for him in this window and I hope it won’t cost us. Jorginho won’t cut it. The coach knows best but this is my opinion.

    1. Mikel tensed and thought Jorginho would bring a new dimension to the game but it didnt work out. We move. He should learn to keep his nerves though, the Jorginho and Ode subs were unnecessary.

      1. Thank you

        Unless it was cos of injury, Partey substitution didn’t make sense

        Then Viera ?
        In a tough/physical match like that ?
        It was an unnecessary substitution

        These are the type of matches we miss Jesus, he would have been causing troubles through that middle

  18. This was similar to the Newcastle game last year – away to a less talented, but highly motivated side in a loud, hostile stadium.

    There was a difference, though. Even though we struggled and lost the game, I never felt line we wilted and in reality it probably could have gone either way – it was a fairly even game really, but the luck wasn’t with us (whereas we were well beaten vs Newcastle last season). Had it not been for the new manager bounce, we’d have ground out a win here, at worst.

    Not a good game from us, though, and it could have implications down the line. Hoping spurs turn up tomorrow.

  19. Why arsenal midfielders don’t pass the ball to Martinelli side of the field? I saw that every time makes the run, Zichenko withholds the ball and pass to the middle. I didn’t see much duels between him and Everton right back. Secondly arsenal was always using Saka side of the field. I’m wondering, don’t they have confidence in him passing his marker anymore? If Saka is double teamed, why not switch play more to Martinelli side? I don’t have an expert knowledge in match analysis, but my little soccer knowledge tells me that our left side of the pitch was not working. Can anyone tell me that my observation is not spot on?

    1. Martinelli has been in a difficult situation since Jesus’ injury. Zinchenco plays midfield and offers little assistance on the wing. Nketiah is more tilted to the right. Xhaka who place as LCM doesn’t have the ability of Odegaard to control midfield and deliver good passes. All these makes Martinelli isolated and weakens our left side plus, I think, he is also a little out of form. I believe when Jesus is back, he will improve and this will be crucial to the final run for the title. We just need to steady the ship till then and also hope Jesus will pick form immediately when he is back.

        1. @Chapo, you are right, alot of fans keep saying Martineli isn’t in the game but they forget Ben White and Odegaard support Saka more, while Zinchenko and xhaka drifts to midfield, leaving Martineli to work against 2/3 opponents,
          Personally I like Nketiah but Jesus is miles better than Nketiah,
          Nketiah should be trossard’s sub, with Martineli as CF, IMO, i thought Arteta would try this today,
          Our midfield collapsed today because Odegaard’s lack of stamina had no cover from Partey as he was subed by a Jorginho who lacks stamina.
          I think we should have gotten a versatile midfielder,such that we could rest Xhaka atimes.

          1. @Longbenark, Martinelli is constantly having to face 2-3 players without real help. Zinc, Xhaka and Nketiah boxed up in the middle so even when he successfully dribbles to the right he runs into a jammed middle with no space, at that point all he can do is pass. Recently I observe all he now does is receive the ball and run to the by line, stretching the width of the pitch as far as possible before trying to cut in at the tail end. While on the other side Saka cuts in almost immediately he receives the ball. Martinelli stays wide till late while Saka is always cutting in early. I don’t know if this is part of Arteta’s tactical instructions or not but it’s not working for Martinelli currently.

  20. Hmmmm…..not an impressive game. We looked tired, uninterested, out of ideas.

    I observed the following :
    – when Saka is marked by 2 players he is not effective, he needs to improve his overall game in these situations if not we’ll have a big problem in this second half of the season.

    – Odegaard needs to stop going to Saka when Saka is double marked, he should take up the half space in the midfield and let Ben white support Saka. He kept going around Saka when Saka was being double marked, to what end? This just limits how much influence he can have on the attack cos he’ll mostly get stuck out there with passing lines cut out.

    – when Martinelli is marked by 2 players he is even less effective than saka and he is much easier to mark because he just keeps running till he runs out of space, his decision making for a pass or creating some space to shoot has been really really poor, check how many attempts he has had on goal in the last couple of games.

    – Xhaka is great on his day and he has had a lot of good days this season, but as the season progresses our opponents are also evolving in their tactics to nullify our attack so Xhaka needs to do a whole lot more on the ball than just help it along, he needs to help Martinelli, he needs to be creative on that side of the pitch like Odegaard does on the opposite side and he is just not doing these things hence why Martinelli looks so dull and bereft of ideas out there. Xhaka isn’t even shooting! He had a clear shot at goal and with a little more composure and intelligence we might have had a goal but instead chose to roll the ball on to his left.

    – Partey and Zinchenko are doing what they can but there’s just not enough/intelligent movement in front of them, everybody ahead of them is standing still to receive the ball in space and to their feet so when the opponents pack the midfield then our center field penetration is gone!
    Note that our wingers are already being double marked, so what are our other options ???

    – Saliba is a great young defender with a lot of potential but he needs to be more focused, in the last couple of games I’ve seen him miscalculate the trajectory or speed of long balls played out the opposing team striker and he is left on the wrong side of the striker.

    – Jorghino is a great squad player but honestly he is not the one to hold or change a game for us considering the way our team is currently set up. He is not better defender, ball carrier or creative player than Partey, why he was brought in is beyond me!
    He is the player we should bring in when we are cruising to keep things flowing, he is NOT a game changer!

    – Trossard is a player I like because of his ball carrying ability, shooting ability with both feet, also his passing is alright, way better than Martinelli! But he is not a winger! He is not the player to be pushed out wide especially when it’s Xhaka out there supporting him.
    I think he should made to play more infield and Zinchenko should be overlap on the outside while Xhaka steps back in the midfield.

    – Nketiah has also been impressive but I must say, when you play a team that’s set up the Everton were set up, a striker in the mould of Jesus is the man you need to disorganize the opposition midfield/defense by dragging players out of position and this can only be done by going past multiple opposition players from different positions.
    Nketiah just doesn’t have that tight and precise close ball control when surrounded by opposition players.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like since Jesus absence, Martinelli and Saka are being isolated on the wings more in every game and they are being forced to try solo efforts or go it alone.

    Arteta could also have been better with his changes and tactics in this game after seeing what Everton were doing. Arteta will need to figure out how to pair Jesus and Nketiah or Nketiah and Trossard, these guys will complement Nketiah very well.

    We just need to change things up! The double marking on our wingers is really throwing them and the rest of the team off in attack.

    I wish us more luck, more wins and hopefully the league title at the end of this season!!!

    1. A clear headed analysis Dap0120. It could have just been just a bad day at the office but the above issues you mentioned definitely need addressing.The second half of the season started yesterday and Arsenal have a lot to prove.

  21. Just disappointed we didn’t improve the team in January. IMO was better to go all out for Caicedo than buying Jorginho, the new defender and Trossard. We could have recalled Pepe from loan if the deal has that option. Ben White and Zinchenko makes it very difficult for Saka and Martinelli to play as they drift into the midfield too often. Wingers really need support from the full backs to really function. Xhaka and Odegaard only play good football when Partey is on the field. We definitely need an upgrade on both. Odegaard rarely plays well against tough or good teams. He only shines against week opposition yet he is supposed to be our playmaker. We must stop this business of buying players from big teams when they replace them with better players (Jesus and Jorginho).

    1. Caicedo was not available from Brighton in this window at any price. The summer will be interesting, given there will be more options available and Brighton snd Caicedo may have missed the “Arsenal boat”.

  22. Arteta coached for his old team, Everton, today!

    -he didn’t punish Everton for double-teaming our wingers all game..
    – he withdrew Partey, the only midfielder putting up any form of resistance against Everton..
    – and what really did we expect from Jorginho – and Xhaka playing together in midfield?
    – no adjustments done to defend against deep corners..
    – Tierney sat on the bench despite while Zinchenko’s struggled…
    – Trossard was introduced for Martinelli while Odegaard was sleeping all-game…

    Let’s just say we took one on the chin today to help the toffees.

  23. Though we can’t over emphasize the centrality of Partey in Arsenal winning streaks this season, especially knowing very well that all the games we have lost so far this season including today’s game, has been when he isn’t on the pitch. Hence, there is every need to handle him with great caution to avoid losing him to injury which could impact us negatively. #COYG

  24. Was always going to be a tough game away to a desperate team looking to get a new manager bump. As expected Dyche had them well organised and well up for it. Was very impressed with Onana.

    As for us, we forgot our shooting boots and our intensity. The first happens, the second shouldn’t. It was also the first game where I felt the loss of Jesus, hopefully his rehab is ahead of schedule.

    1. We can’t win all the matches. Our off day and we lost a better team. Congratulations to them. Having said that, I think arteta needs shuffling players positions. We have two or three players that can play in other positions. Zinchenko can be drafted in to midfield. He drifts a lot and that affects martinelli. Martinelli can be tried at CF. Swapping of positions and changing of tactice will leave our opponents gazing. Right now, our team is predictable. Give Saka, Martinelli, and Odegaard some rest. You can play Tomiyasu/ Trossier on the right, Tierney/ Zinchenko on the left. While on the middle, Partey, Zhaka and Viera can hold sway. At CD, Saliba and Kiowi can partner. This will afford us to rotate and give rest to some our players who needed it, imo.

  25. Partey is Arsenal’s backbone, he wasn’t fully fit today and we felt it badly,
    It would take a while for Jorginho to blend and I don’t see Caicedo as a good replacement for Partey, we need lazio’s Savic,
    I think Arteta needs to know, Nketiah is our weak link in the attack, he should be subed by Trossard,
    An attack with Trossard-Martineli-Saka in the 2nd half could really hurt the opponents.

    1. Nketiah is hardly a weak link regarding the goals he’s scored recently and Martinelli, who I love, was sad.y off it today.
      We can take this loss out on Brentford in our next game.
      Dyche got his team set up with discipline, playing two banks of four when out of possession, straight in with hard tackles and long balls to the front runners. Although he will likely keep them up, it won’t be long before their fans will be calling for his head after too much of his bland tactics.

    2. I think the fact that Nketiah has been scoring has blinded a lot of people from realizing that our attack is not fluid anymore. I would love to see Martinelli upfront. I’m not calling for Nketiah’s head but I feel sometimes he should come off instead of others.

  26. Only got to watch the second half ,and it was what I expected to see ,a tough group of players set up by a manager who knows his job ,could have gone either way but not our day .
    I will say Onana and Doucoure were unbelievable ,the former looking like a prime P Vieria ,I can see why some clubs were looking at him at the end of the window .
    As for our players I cannot rate as I only saw half the game .

  27. We were to comfortable with ball holding. There were numerous time we could have done quick counter attack but we love to hold ball. We give time to opponent to get back to their field.

  28. We can’t win all the matches. Our off day and we lost to a better team. Congratulations to them. Having said that, I think arteta needs shuffling players positions. We have two or three players that can play in other positions. Zinchenko can be drafted in midfield. He drifts a lot and that affects martinelli. Martinelli can be tried at CF. Swapping positions and changing tactice will leave our opponents gazing. Right now, our team is predictable. Give Saka, Martinelli, and Odegaard some rest. You can play Tomiyasu/ Trossard on the right, Tierney/ Zinchenko on the left. While in the middle, Partey, Zhaka and Viera can hold sway. At CD, Saliba and Kiowi can partner. This will afford us to rotate and give rest to some our players who needed it. Again, Martinelli can play CF and even Smith Rowe when fit can play false nine. We should not depend much on Nketia in CF though he is trying his possible best.

  29. Meedo with a top comment.

    Xhaka and jorG is a recipe for a slow death, same way when Xhaka and Ozil played in the side.

    Really wanted an athlete bought in January, but not to be.

    Jesus bring so much more to the team as a chaos creator.

    Get well soon mate.

    Looks like Feb 28th Jesus might return.
    He is a spark for dull days…

    1. As predicted the new manager syndrome done us dyche set up exactly as I thought to compete play narrow and make if difficult to find space and have the arsenal wide players doubled up on every time they got the ball can’t complain arsenal never had the answer so fair play yo Everton now will test the character of these players to see if they can bounce back not expecting any favours from the spuds wi prob be a city win so its game on!

    2. Nketia has been scoring but he is not lethal. He doesn’t give defenders nightmares, he wastes too many chances and he can’t even create a space for himself to shoot. I have seen strikers converting half chances to goals. Even when he was scoring I still felt there was something he was lacking, that spark

  30. I take this as a wake-up call. I could detect complacency setting in. After this our players will take every team seriously and treat every game like a final. I have a feeling that our team had got to a stage where they started feeling that they had a right to win no matter the quality of their play. This has been a reality check and both our manager and the players have learnt their lesson. I expect better performance henceforth,

  31. Everton sold one of their best players, bought none, sit bottom of the pile. Please dont blame our squad depth, its embarrassing, reading it.

  32. I guess that shadow looms in many fan’s minds. It up to Arteta and his players to make yesterday’s no show a temporary aberration and get back on track. Perhaps a win against Manchester City will do do job.

  33. I was very impressed with Mikel Arteta’s post match interview. Faced the reality of the loss, was rational in his assessment of the performance and supporting his young players to appreciate what they have achieved thus far and to push on for the rest of the season. Keep the faith.

  34. Will we win every game….no.

    Should we be losing to Everton, absolutely not!

    Have we had years to get a proper replacement/challenger for Partey….yes

    Have we actively tried to get sufficient cover at DM over the past few years….absolutely not!

  35. I think every Arsenal was worried about yesterday’s match and with good reason. A new manager and a club in peril. Sean Dyche got his players organized well and went with a big team. We weren’t able to cope with Onana, who absolutely stole the show and looked miles better than anyone else on the pitch, and they just wanted it more. Everton deserved to win and we were lucky not to go down by more. I thought Odegaard had a terrible game and cost us the winning goal by not defending the ball, and that’s consecutive matches in which Saka has been completely stifled. Losing is one thing and nothing to lose our minds over, it was the manner of it that concerns me.

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