Everton 1 v 0 Arsenal – Even Champions have off days but we must bounce back quickly

Even potential Champions have down days!

So Gooners get ready for the words “Arsenal have blown it, the title is City’s to win” and more of the same crap that so many people are going to spout after our loss to the Toffees.. (she says shaking her head and raising her eyebrows).

But it could be said that this was always going to happen. With a new manager and new motivation Everton were surely going to see a difference in their results and so it happened in only their first game with Sean Dyche at the helm and unfortunately we were on the end of it!

Going to Everton is a tough test in itself no matter where they are in the table or what time of the season it is.

But having to go to Everton to play them in their first game under their new manager was always going to end in disappointment as it was the worst timing ever.

Under Frank Lampard had we played them it could be argued their game play would be predictable and so we may well have come away with a point if not more especially after their confidence was low and it seemed team spirit was non existent.

But having to play them under a completely new manager, the players would always have a point to prove to show the manager that they can play and get a result and that is what they did.

The loss is not nice of course it isn’t but it also isn’t the end of the world and we always knew it was going to come at some point and after the game it can be said we didn’t show we wanted it enough.

Plus I’d rather lose now than lose to Manchester City. Which of course we may well do as well, but if we don’t pick our socks up and get back to the form that has got us to where we are then we can kiss goodbye to league.

There is of course a long way to go, and as always with this league it is unpredictable and anyone can beat anyone on the day.

Arsenal just couldn’t get out of the blocks fast enough today and I guess Everton had a point to prove and wanted it more. But after our last loss in the league which came to Manchester United we went on a good run of winning games and I hope we can do that once again.

Although if  we end the weekend still five points clear I will  be very surprised as I cannot see Spurs getting a result against City. I guess it is one time I want Spurs to help us out and get a result but if they don’t we have to keep our heads up and move on to the next game and forget this one as quickly as possible.

Because there is no doubt this title race has more twists and turns to come.

Onwards and upwards we go hey Gooners!

Shenel Osman


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  1. It was a game of only few chances which should’ve been converted. I hope MA has some tricks up his sleeve for Everton/Newcastle tactics. If our player is guarded by 2, it will create space somewhere else.

    Must win on Saturday!

    Oh and I can’t belive I’m saying this today but.. Come on spuds, just once do us a favor!

    1. DaJuhi, You will of course remember around two weeks ago when Spuds were two nil up at half time away to City ,before collapsing and going all Spursy for the umpteenth time .
      I still remember with some bitterness how back in 1999 Spuds were one nil up at United in that seasons last game when even a point from them would have given us the title. But as ever, you rely on “Spursy” AT YOUR PERIL.

      Though I echo your last line, I have absolutely no confidence they will help us at all.

      Not even a single point will they get IMO

  2. This is one defeat dat didn’t make me sad at all, I understand there is going to be a game when things won’t just work for u, no matter how hard u try. It happened to city, it happened to Liverpool when they won the league, against relegated Watford that break their unbeaten run. Although I still give credit to Everton they made us look we weren’t trying, but we did. All our best players was marked out, odegard has 3 players marking him everytime so Saka, martineli etc. I trust the spirit of this present team they will bounce back with anger on any team that cross their part

    1. SAVAGE, I do not believe that ANY Gooner would not be sad at any defeat.

      Being sad at your teams defeat is in the DNA OF ALL FANS EVERYWHERE.

      Your post was not silly but that ONE LINE certainly was.

  3. Yeah, still aways to go yet but we can’t afford days like yesterday as a habit, and come this evening our 5 point gap may still be intact. I have no issues with Spurs (other than an intense hatred of their vile supporters), so them beating City will be fine with me.
    Looking further ahead I’m in more in favour of Chelsea & Liverpool continuing their poor form to finish outside the Champions League spots to discourage our transfer targets from joining them. Too much to hope for United to fail now, so it looks a 3 horse race to me with Newcastle dropping a place or two.

  4. Everton put more into this match under their new Manager than any other this season.Arsenal, on the other hand did not, in fact, they were at times lethargic and not one player did himself justice.However, one bad day at the office does not mean that we are about to collapse as some pundits have suggested.Every cloud has a silver lining so they say, and in this case Arsenal fans must have been impressed by the excellent Onana with whom we have recently been linked.Some of us on JA have advocated buying the Belgium, and his performance yesterday vindicated our recommendation.Never mind Caicedo or Rice, Onana ticks all the boxes for me.

    1. Well said about Onana, he had been quality in that Everton side.

      We did not match their energy or intensity, and were 2nd best in everything.

      Honestly we could easily lost 3 or 4 to nil; they missed 2 chances right in front of goal, and CL sent his header just wide.

  5. It was just one of those days, I’m not really perturbed. If we are talking about Everton’s chances that they missed, we also had 2 clear chances. Odegaard and Nketiah..
    On to the next at fortress Emirate..GOYG!!!💪💪💪

  6. I hate to say what I’m about to say but….. I just spent 95 minutes cussing at perisic and Hojberg for giving the ball away. I was on my feet every time Son had acres of grass to run into.

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