The changes that Arteta should make to the Arsenal starting line-up against Brentford

Is this how Mikel Arteta will lead his team to victory this weekend?

The unexpected 1-0 loss to Everton may have dampened Arsenal’s momentum in the Premier League race. Fortunately, Arsenal’s main rivals, Manchester City, did not profit from the Gunners’ misfortune, as they also lost their weekend match against Tottenham Hotspurs.

In any case, Arsenal have a chance to rebound against Brentford. Arteta may have to make some key changes to his team for the Brentford match in order to silence the many critics who have surfaced in the last few days.

Ben White and Gabriel Martinelli are two players who may have to make way for “fresh blood” in their respective positions.

Many haven’t been impressed by Ben White’s last two Premier League outings (against Manchester United and then Everton), and replacing him with Takehiro Tomiyasu, who has replaced him consecutively in the last two PL games, may be how Arteta gets the best out of his right wing.

Gabriel Martinelli’s threat on the left wing has diminished. It’s difficult to explain why, but perhaps he misses Gabriel Jesus’ influence on his game.

Arteta has shown faith in the Brazilian winger in recent games, but it may be time for him to take a break. Leandro Trossard, who scored seven goals in 16 league games for Brighton before joining Arsenal, could be used in place of Martinelli.With these two changes to Arsenal’s starting lineup, as well as Jorginho being given game time to become accustomed to Arsenal’s style, he could flourish and eventually be effective in place of Thomas Partey when he is unavailable.

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  1. Having Trossard and Tomiyashu to replace Martinelli and White respectively won’t be a bad idea but Jorginho to start ahead Partey would be catastrophic. One of the reasons why we lost Everton game was Partey being removed, Obviously he won’t play 90min. Every time but we need maximum 3 points this weekend like never before.

    1. Well said; Martinelli needs a break and can be used as our CF in the second half or LW, and White can be used as a CB or RB if Tomiyasu looks tired in the second half.

      MA should start thinking of rotating some players from now on; Man city won’t lose every time we lose!

  2. I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with those two changes just to freshen up things a bit, was actually hoping to see it against Everton last time out.

    I need to see Tossard and Tomi starts a game soon, this game maybe a little too important to see a glimpse of the young polish.

      1. NY, that seems to be the case. So far this season, we have been able to break teams down but when we haven’t, it has been our wide players being forced wide, where they dont want to be and dealt with.

  3. Martinelli could benefit from a little break and learn from Trossard while sitting on the bench

    But White’s playmaking abilities are required to break Brentford’s defense at the Emirates. Tomiyasu is taller, but I don’t think he can dictate the tempo as good as White

    1. Tomiyasu is a better RB than White. He is better at attacking and defending. White is good in situations where there is a lot of space and opposition players are pressing him. I would’ve wished Tomi started long ago so his form could’ve been better. The way I’ve seem him play before its a no contest. Trossard is also better than people think. He’s a very good player that should’ve been signed when he was in Belgium. He can get double figures over 38 games in a big team.

      1. I’m not sure about your first sentence, but I reckon White to be better at passing and possessing the ball

        I agree about Trossard though. Many people here raved about him before he came to England and Arsenal should’ve signed him before Brighton did

        I liked Trossard’s composure and close control. I believe he’ll produce many goals and assists if he keeps starting the game

        1. White is poor from a standing position. He will not run with the ball to attack the opposition. He needs a lot of space around him and the opposing player to press him. White plays safe unless he’s pressed. Tomiyasu can do that but is also more dynamic with the ball which is why he can well also play well as a LB and attack from there. You can disagree but if Artera gives Tomi the same chance White will not get back his place. That’s the reality.

  4. Shame ESR once again unavailable ( seems to be turning into a sick note)would have been handy for a low block.Don’t see a problem with those two changes.As likely the last thing u want to see I s Martinelli & Nelson with their pace coming on with 20 mins to go.

  5. The continued absence of ESR is undoubtedly a real concern as he is without equal in the Arsenal side when it comes to making space with his quick pass and run ability.I do hope he will be fully fit before we enter the business end of the season.

  6. Zinchenko is martinelli’s problem, with the left back regularly vacating his primary position for midfield, Martinelli is now required to do more tracking than usual hence his diminished influence on his side of the pitch, we will have the same problem with Saka if our right back plays similarly to zinchenko, play Tierney at left back and Martinelli is free to play his natural game

    1. But that wasn’t a problem earlier in the season? The only difference in our line up is Jesus being out. Could just be fatigue or something in regards to martinelli and/or the players that support him most on that side of the pitch

    2. I feel dribbling is Martinelli’s biggest strength and weakness. He gets to predictable when he gets the ball on the left side of the box. I think everyone knows he is going to try to dribble past everyone and so he gets crowded out.

      When he was doing well this season, he was blending in dribbles with quick passes and making runs off the ball with give and goes. I think Jesus not being in the team has made him more one dimensional with Niketiah being more a true no. 9. Zinchenko’s positioning and Xhaka not being as influential in the final 3rd as he was earlier in the season also contribute this as well.

      Hopefully the result at Everton shakes things up and Martinelli becomes the beast we all know he is.

  7. Concerning about ESR fitness and record of being healthy. Likable guy, skillful player, but he spends more time with Physio than Arteta and his teammates.

    He needs to come back and show something, next year he has to have an impact or else it’s time to consider selling

  8. I wonder why alot of fans think Martineli needs rest, can’t we see that Martineli doesn’t get much support from the CMs and LB unlike Saka that gets all the decoys, support ,even though his an outstanding player.
    I feel Nketiah needs to be subed by Trossard to improve our attack and support the CMs. Just my thoughts.

    1. Maybe they do see, but expect the impossible from a player constantly double teamed and no one overlapping him.

      With White making runs, and Odegaard drifting to the right it helps to open things up. Martinelli has Zinchenko drifting to central midfield and Xhaka doesn’t have the pace to make runs from the midfield.

      Saka has movement from Odegaard and White on the right, but Martinelli has static positioning from Zinchenko and Xhaka on the left.

  9. Arteta should learn that our opponents have always scored against us as soon as Thomas is withdrawn. Example man city and everton. Therefore Arteta should avoid making a simillar mistake against Brentford this weekend.

  10. No changes required and don’t foresee any. One bad game. We quicker with the subs but trust the 11 and don’t overreact. Tomi for white I could live with but Martinelli needs to start.

  11. This will never happen. But Arsenal’s first eleven is becoming predictable. There are ways to change it up. Brentford will most likely double up on Saka,, let them. They will also most probably try and keep Martinelli quiet too. Still play Saka and Martinelli out wide. Play Trossard as a FALSE NINE. Trossard is an excellent dribbler of the ball. That changes Brentford’s game plan. Keep Thomas Partey where he is,,, but play Zinchenko in Granite Xhaka’s position. Bring in Tierney as left and Tomiyasu as the right fullbacks respectively. As for Tomiyasu, I thought he had a good match against Manchester City in the fourth round of the FA Cup. By leaving Eddie Nketiah out of the first eleven doesn’t mean he has done anything wrong. Same with Granite Xhaka. It’s not as though you are making wholesale changes of bringing in totally different players. There comes a time when the coach/manager needs to tweak things up a little, just to throw the opposition’s game plan off course. And with opposing teams kicking the heck out of Saka and winning free kicks, we should be doing a lot better with our dead ball situations. We’ve got a coach who specialises in that department. And as for defending corners, Odegaard needs to be kept well away from the six yard box. I don’t how many times I’ve seen Odegaard tossed aside like a rag doll. I’m predicting a 4-0 win to The Gunners. London is red

  12. I think arsenal should play;Saka,trossard and martineli at the front.Odegarrd, party and zinchenko at midfield.Tomi,saliba, Gabriel and Tierny at defensive position,,,do that Arteta and you will tell me if this is not arsenal season

  13. Just keep the same team and we go from there. If things are still not improving then make early changes in the second half.

    This seems to be our little slump that we dreaded all season.

  14. KT and Tomi have to play this game. OZ has to play in addition to Xhaka if TP needs a rest. Jorginho is the wrong call in my view for this game. Better in game management is what is required: i.e. Martinelli and Saka should swap wings if things are not working out. You do not need a big CF if the crosses are zipped in at speed to the near post with an on-rushing centre forward rather than floated in the air.

    1. I agree on martinelli and saka swapping wings ,bcoz if your on the right wing with a left foot a defender knows or will end up realising you need to cut back on to your left to cross etc

  15. Changes will and have to be made. Two different teams with contrasting styles and different strengths and weaknesses. The same team can not play both games.

  16. No no no don’t go back down this old road of replacement in the team bcoz we got beat with Everton, perhaps if a player wants a break then fair enough the season is long, but don’t go replacing bcoz oh we can maybe see how other players will play there, that’s what destroyed arsenal during unai Emery’s time, Eddie’s needing to be replaced he’s just not doing it in every game be serious, I’m not happy with this but I’m not the team or manager so we’ll see how it pans out..

  17. Squad rotation is important but are the first eleven ready for the change? So far backup players played from the start only if the first eleven players unavailable. Let’s see what Arteta decides.

  18. Ben White left the WC due to an undisclosed personal problem. I wonder if it’s still ongoing.

    I still feel that GJ gives us an extra dimension that Eddie doesn’t – the tactic of Everton shutting down wingers wouldn’t work with GJ in the side, he can make things happen at least as much as anyone else.

    Eddie finishes what others start, so he can’t finish what ain’t started – that’s why shutting down wingers works when GJ is absent.

    I’m looking forward to him getting back – any news on his progress? I’ve seen nothing for a week or so.

  19. The players that have us five points ahead in the race should all start, no knee-jerk reaction after a bad loss. It sets a bad example and we don’t have strong enough options in every position to go about replacing some players. So it seems unfair to players who do have strong competition. A run of games should decide whether a player needs to move aside, not one loss by the team. What if Tomi and Trossard have a bad game after coming in, do we just reset, a run of games ie form should decide, that way it’s fair. I feel changes right now would be kneejerk ..while ignoring the incredible form that has given us this golden chance

  20. For the upteenth time, Arteta should rest some players and swap position. Tommy & Tierney starts, Saka and Nketia starts from bench while Trousard replace Saka, Martinelli replace Nketia, OZ plays left wing. Odegaard,Partey and Xhaka retains their positions. This will help nulify opponents game plans. Arsenal team currently is highly predictable.

  21. I definitely agree with the changes. In case of Martinelli, we will also need him fresh for the City game midweek. That said, the Brenford game will not be an easy one as they are on a great run but I still trust Arsenal to do the job and get the 3 points.

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