Don’t write off Jorginho after just one game for Arsenal – Trust the process

Arsenal had hoped to sign Moises Caicedo for their midfield in the winter transfer window, but instead signed Chelsea’s Jorginho after Brighton refused to do business with them.

Some Arsenal fans were unhappy with the signing of Jorginho, and his average performance against Everton did not do him justice. Some Arsenal fans are still unsure what Jorginho will bring to their title defense, with many wondering, “What if Arteta had signed Caicedo instead?”

However, Oleksander Zinchenko has refuted the notion that Jorginho adds nothing to Arsenal. “He is an amazing player, big personality. Huge experience as well,” said Zinchenko.

“He is a winner, he knows how to win. And for sure, he’s going to help us a lot.”

Zinchenko has been a game changer at Arsenal; he was the player who publicly predicted Arsenal would win the Premier League title this season before the season even started. His claims about Jorginho should be taken seriously.

Many of those who criticized Jorginho’s debut should remember that Arteta’s system is the third he has had to adjust to; at Chelsea, he had to switch from Tuchel’s to Potter’s. He may have failed to make an impression on his debut, but hopefully, with time, he will find his footing.

How many times have we complained about Arteta’s signings in the past, but been proved wrong?

Trust the process!

Sam P

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  1. He obviously lacks physicality, which was apparent since he played for Chelsea. However, he will play in his staple position, so his vast experience and technical skills would likely make him succeed in the job

    Even if he fails to impress, he just have an 18-month contract at Arsenal

    1. So its ok to spend 20m on another chelsea retired dud ,if you think thats good business then i got no hope for you,we should aim higher not ex chelsea nursing home retirees ,didnt we learn with luiz and willian ,or are we settling for mediocrisy.

      1. I’m sure there are some clauses on his contract that will reward him or deduct his bonuses based on his productivity, because he is already 31 years old. Those stuff should be enough to boost his performance and we don’t have to worry since he has been playing similar role at Chelsea

        As for Willian, I believed he was a victim of a wrong assignment. He’s currently doing well at Fulham, because he’s playing on the left wing

        About Luiz, he was our most dominant CB, aside from his mistakes. Saliba has made more fatal errors than Luiz in his first season at Arsenal, yet nobody crucify Saliba because our victories have been covering up his mistakes

        1. A bit harsh on Saliba there. I think he’s only made two errors leading to goals? Leicester and Brighton. Meanwhile, Luiz had Chelsea away, wolves home and away, Liverpool away, Westham away(?) that’s just off the top of my head, there’s more.

  2. Jorginho needs a physical player alongside him in midfield doing hedirty work for him to really show his abilities.

    Also someone with pace to recover, otherwise Jorginho struggles to impact and control play in the midfield.

    As far as Zinchenko, I expected him to be a supportive teammate and give Jorginho his flowers. Was he really going to articulate Jorginho’s shortcomings?

    He’s an Arsenal player now, whether you support or trash him he isn’t going anyway for the rest of the season.

  3. The process. Sometimes I don’t know what process in place. The process of Arsenal FC becoming a world force once again. Or the process of Arsenal fans slowly losing their adulthood and becoming babies again. Now, these babies are unfairly criticising the very manager who gave us young, exciting, awesome footballing team currently sitting 5 points clear on top of the world’s toughest league. Amazing how the human nature is.

    1. When they say “process” I think they mean “policy”. Bear in mind that English is not the first language of MA or Edu.

      That policy (or policies) may be implemented as a set of processes of course.

      – Recruit under-25s.
      – Sell older players for good money before they hit 28.
      – Ensure recruits are of the right character / moral fibre and fit in the squad.
      – Poor behaviour / timekeeping etc must be seen to affect a player’s selection

      Processes (must be designed to follow policy):
      – Scouting processes focus on U25 targets
      – Recruitment processes (RPs) must interview players to determine character
      – RPs must investigate claims of poor behaviour
      – Disciplinary process design must ensure that policy 4 is implemented at all times

      The above is just made-up examples that roughly fit my observations, not perfect or comprehensive, but… you get the idea.

  4. Judging a player after half a game!
    Lacks physicality? Needs someone physical alongside him?
    All of a sudden everyone knows how the team should be set up to accommodate him, F…F…S.

    1. Actually judging him at his time with Chelsea. Jorginho was great when he was paired up with Kante in midfield who had pace and did the dirty work.

      Jorginho and Partey would be a good pairing because Partey can do a job like Kante.

      Players, coaches, pundits, even fans know Jorginho”s limitations, so there’s no need to overlook the obvious.

      I trust Arteta knows how and how not to play Jorginho and the responsibilities given.

  5. I didn’t realise that anyone had “written off” Jorginho – I must keep up!!
    Perhaps a little more patience might come in handy?

  6. I think he would benefit from playing alongside Partey rather than instead of him. At Chelsea he had Kante and Kovacic to do the running for him, freeing him to begin counter attacks and attacking plays. He’ll be fine though. Excellent player.

  7. Hate even the idea of this guy being at Arsenal. A lazy, uninspired consolidation prize. The best I can hope for is that the other players do the job and he starts as few games as possible.

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