Arsenal on course for another record if we can overcome Brentford today…

This weekend marks Premier League Match Day 22, and Arsenal remains atop the table with 50 points. If the Gunners can win against Brentford this weekend, they will have set another important club record.

For the first time in Premier League history, they will have scored 53 points after only 21 league games. The Gunners won the Premier League unbeaten in 2003-04, which is regarded as their most successful season.

But even so, there is something incredible they are going to do this season that they didn’t do then. Apparently, the Invincibles, after 21 league games, still hadn’t surpassed the 50-point mark. However, it appears that the Gunners are now on track to achieve 53 points out of 63 in 21 games this season. Notably, in the 2003/04 season, after 21 games, they had only managed 49 points.

Brentford, on the other hand, will be a difficult opponent for Arsenal, given their results against Manchester City, Manchester United, and Liverpool, all of whom faced difficulties when playing against them. They have gone unbeaten in the league since returning from the World Cup, but could Arsenal be the team to remind them of the taste of defeat? Meeting Arsenal after a disappointing previous outing last weekend is the worst thing any team could wish for.

Three points and another record on its way!

Daniel O

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  1. Stopping Frank’s Brentford players at the mid-field, forming a triangular encirclement position at opposition 18-yard by our front three whenever there’s a set-piece and mounting more pressure will counter Brentford’ usual intensity. Nketiah, Saka, Odegaard and Trossard are our likely scorers. We must start fast be clinical and don’t give the opposition opportunity to grow into the game.

  2. As Daniel writes, we have already exceeded the Invincibles after 20 games and even if we lose today – very unlikely – we will still already have exceeded them after 21 games too.

    I find todays game hard to call. I do not see it being easy or a comfortable score line, as Brentford are right now a realistic upper midtable side and on merit too.

    I would take a one nil, if necesssary, PROVIDED we get no injuries.

    As each game ticks by to the allotted 28, our collective exciteme mounts and our expectations increase.
    After all, we ARE human and that is entirely normal reaction.

  3. “ Very unlikely “.Hmmmm,wouldn’t be so sure.They are v.well organised & fast.Next to Newcastle, are the draw merchants of the prem.If they were to score the first goal it could be a long afternoon.Also dangerous at set pieces.So not a forgone conclusion by any stretch.

    1. Positive Pete, If you care to read my exact words, I DID NOT SAY it was a forgone conclusion. Those are YOUR words not mine.

      If you were a real regular on JA you would know that I ALWAYS CHOOSE MY PRECISE WORDS CAREFULLY. Had I wished to say it was “a forgone conclusion”, which I did not, then I would have said so.
      The importance of using language accurately, is that it helps distinguish shades of grey from black and white comments.

  4. Having an unbeaten record can be a millstone around your neck sometimes – fear of losing can lead to a lot of draws.

    Perhaps losing that game at Man Utd early on was a blessing in disguise. Perhaps.

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