Thomas Frank is scared to death of facing Arsenal at Fortress Emirates

Arsenal are at the top of the league standings this season, and they haven’t looked better in years.

It’s amusing that no one mentions Arsenal’s unbeaten record at the Emirates.

For many people, it took Thomas Frank admitting in his press conference (ahead of today’s game against Arsenal) how good Arsenal’s home record this season is for them to appreciate it; he said, “At home, they play with unbelievable intensity. If we are to get anything out of this game, we probably need to put the best performance we’ve ever put into a Premier League game. I still believe we can do that, but it needs to be top.”

Is Arsenal gradually transforming the Emirates into a fortress? It’s possible, given that they’re unbeaten at home in the league.

Brentford manager Frank admits that playing against Arsenal at the Emirates is a nightmare; Liverpool and Manchester United are well aware of this.

We know Arteta is meticulous with details, so we shouldn’t be surprised if he stressed the importance of staying unbeaten at home to his players. If Arsenal eventually wins the league, statistics like going undefeated at home will demonstrate how they did so deservingly.

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  1. Not an article that SAYS anything MUCH at all really.

    And on one thing it did say, “that no one mentions we are unbeaten at Emirates”, that is plainly not the case .
    Unless the writer regards we Gooners, as well as many others who are NOT Gooners, as “no one” that is!

  2. For Brentford, it’s a free hit (not expected to win) at a time when they’re on really good form.
    For us, it’s a must win, mostly because we need to bounce back from two defeats.
    If a we turn up, we should win, but I’m not expecting an easy game by any means.

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