Confirmed Arsenal XI to take on Brentford this afternoon

Arsenal have to put their loss to Everton behind them today when they face off with another physical side in Brentford today.

The Gunners didn’t lose any ground in the title race thanks to a surprise favour by our noisy neighbours, who beat Manchester City 1-0, but we cannot expect to get away scot-free should we suffer the same this weekend.

Our Emirates atmosphere will likely bring out the best in our side after a painful performance last weekend, and I firmly expect us to get straight back to winning ways.

We predicted an unchan5ged line-up from the defeat last weekend when predicting our XI earlier on today, and as you can see, we were on point.

Do you expect us to struggle today?


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    1. Nothing wrong with Martinelli, he isn’t getting the service from Zinchenko, who likes to cut in, Tierney could have been a better option, when Trossard came off against City and Martinelli came on, he ran the city defence ragged, so I don’t see a poor form, Martinelli.

  1. Unchanged. Let’s see a reaction! Confident we will see one with our amazing home fans making noise. We are still the only team to ever turnover Brentford away as we did earlier in the season so you have to be confident at home.


  2. Arteta goes for cohesion again by not changing his starting 11.

    I hope it pays off today and Martinelli starts taking defenders on with the speed and agility we know he has.

    It will be a tough one but I will go for a close win for us.

  3. Arteta is not giving other players a fair chance. Martinelli is off form and trossard needs a fair chance. Xhaka has stopped scouting and assisting and must rotate with Fabio V. Nketiah must rotate with Martinelli while the Trossard is given a fair run of 3 to 5 games.

    1. Arsenal have majority possession which doesnt translate into goals
      MA shd have sudden burst of attack.The gunnerz over passing plays into the defence plans.
      Unlesz things change it could end in a draw.
      There are no easy epl games

  4. Great line-up. I’m sure Brentford will park the bus and force Arteta to replace Martinelli/ Partey with Trossard/ Jorginho in the second half

    Hopefully Cozier-Duberry can play too

    1. Brentford will not park the bus I can assure you of that. If arteta continues with this his predictable line up and substitution, he will cost us the league himself. Martinelli has been off form for more than 7 matches, why keep playing him when we have an able replacement.

  5. Would’ve maybe liked to have seen Trossard given a start in place of Martinelli but like the fact that Arteta is showing faith in the team to put right the abysmal performance against Everton. Also like the fact that the bench is looking stronger these days.

    1. Think a lot of people would be perfectly happy with that change. Still, Arteta sees them in training every day and we have a team that monitors fitness levels. So if they don’t think Martinelli is tired or that Trossard deserves to start on form then we have to trust them.

  6. Arteta trusting his players is good to see. Women just lost to City, so fans should not be subjected to “double jeopardy”.

    OT- VAR team again being incompetent? How was that not a penalty?

    1. How is it a penalty? Were you expecting Soucek to land on his teeth or something? It’s good to be honest, it would be extremely harsh considering soucek’s body position. He was landing and needed something to support his body. Whether intentional or not that was never a penalty

  7. What is the obsession about Trossard and Joginho? Partey and Martinelli are far better than the dudes. Except tiredness or injuries, please I want to see our first eleven on the pitch.

  8. Not sure I would have stuck with the same lineup as last week, I notice Brentford has put five across the midfield in a similar ploy to stop Martinelli and Saka. A lot of tired legs last week as well Trossard could have covered Martinelli, Jorginho to cover Xaka and Tierney, and Tamysau to play. Brentford will play football but they do have players who can mix it up. With City on Wednesday and Villa away next weekend, players will need some form of rest. Let’s hope we have a convincing win today and Villa upset City this weekend.

  9. Footballers know more than anyone when they’ve not been doing well. I hope Martenilli feels Trossard breathing down his neck and puts in a massive performance for us today! There’s nothing else but for him to do it today!!! COYG

  10. I think where we miss the point is that arteta is a tactical coach and the guys who he trusts they can do it his way are given a priority. The new guys ain’t quite to plan yet. About the city game, arteta said he is going a game after game so he is trying to maximise because this game is winnable but with City they can manage a draw and still be the better of the two teams.

  11. Expecting a dominant performance today, full of energy. Not wishful thinking as that is how we have performed at home all season and there are zero reasons to expect anything different today. Whether we turn that into a 3-4 goal statement win is another matter but certainly wouldn’t be surprised if we did.

    1. For context, Brentford is good (at home particularly) but they are 7th and away

      We’ve played 3rd 3-2 win
      4th 0-0 draw (best defence in the league)
      5th 3-1 win
      6th haven’t played but won 4-2 away
      7th todays opponents won 3-0 away
      8th 2-1 win from 1-0 down
      9th haven’t played but won 1-0 away
      10th we won 3-2

      Little evidence to suggest we will struggle

  12. This is arguably the most important game of the season.
    Win this and the one against the Citizens and whoever catch us shall surely lift the big jug.

    But first we must win this by hitting them hard in an high tempo game, we must do it early and revert to our passing game.

  13. I don’t know why the narrative going around is arsenal got lucky/got a favor from spurs last week. Mancity got super lucky last week as they had the harder match and would have found themselves 8 pts behind with one more match for arsenal.

    Hell city could have been 11 pts before the villa game.

  14. North London forever, Whatever the weather, These streets are our own, And my heart will leave you never, My blood will forever, Run through the stone!

    Let’s do this!

  15. We need to focus. We don’t seem to be in a hurry to do anything. The attitude is just off.We are exposing ourselves to a brentford sucker punch.

      1. Commentary on tv is gushing whenever Brentford go forward which always manipulates certain TV viewers to think the flow of the game is different. On the radio, you probably have an accurate picture because they have to describe everything.

        1. What nonsense, Brentford should be 2 up and have had better chances.

          Some people just see our possession and seem to be placed in a delusional trance incorrectly thinning we are better.

          Their plan is working better than ours.

          1. It’s not possession we have threatened with the possession too. Your right they ended up with slightly better chances but that was marginal compared to Saka/Martinelli and we are clearly the better team. You don’t what you are talking about, to be frank.

  16. We are suffering our 1st real physical slump. With less energy, comes less runs hence our play looks very static and out of idea.

    Xhaka had a ridiculous workrate in the 1st part of the season, now he is making less runs because of tiredness so Martinelli gets less help and our left side breaks down. This affects our right side who gets overworked and now white looks leggy then saka gets double teamed.

    Odeggard is also looking tired and cannot profit from the space left by teams doubling down on our wingers

      1. When talking of tiredness its not the legs are done, finished nothing left in the tank but more like playing 90% instead of 100%.

        Every team gets a period of time of physical/mental sharpness drop during the season. Remember its a marathon not a sprint and its how you manage these low pts that will define our season.

  17. Arsenal ard tol predictable.Dont be surprised they draw or God fornix ,lose.
    Brentfort put a nine men defence likke Everton
    Hopefully in the 2nd half the gunnerz speed up the attack giving defenders no time to anticipate.

    1. Arsenal are over elaborating like Wenger
      Brentfort ld baveneraly scored .as I write.
      Too much passing instead of shooting.
      The gunners shd have players running at
      defenders instead of over passing.
      Thatz what I believe Mc will do on Wednezfay

  18. Keep going we will score imo. Especially if the fans stay onside and make noise 2nd half same as 1st. Just seems a matter of time watching the game so far. Martinelli’s blocked shot was in and way more dangerous than Mee’s waxed lyrical header that had no chance of going in even if you moved 5 inches in any direction but the commentary is commentary. Toney’s chance was the best either had but I wouldn’t count on Brentford getting another chance like that based on their performance so far. Whereas Brentford has ridden their luck so far when we attack. No 2nd balls have fallen to Arsenal in a dangerous area, they’ve managed to just about get a block in, just about avoid a penalty so on. That will not continue. Things we can do better, no doubt but not remotely worried right now.

    1. Forgot about Henry’s chance that easily could have gone and probably was the best chance actually. Still think they are riding their luck so far and having not taken advantage they may well be in trouble.

  19. Brentford just sat back, played direct passes and relied on their aerial abilities in set-pieces. We were lucky not to concede

    If I were Arteta, I would instruct my wingers to move back to the wings and send the ball to Partey, Odegaard or Xhaka for long shots from them. A target man would likely be useful in this type of games

  20. Great game with the end to end stuff but Arsenal have too many unproductive players up front. Why is Zivchenko being asked to do so much of the creative work? Where are the other creatives to give Odegaard a break. Oh Granit and Eddie where art though? Also agree that Ben White can’t offer much on the overlap but then again I don’t think Tomi could either. Please get a proper wingback in the off season.

  21. Lucky to be 0-0 at halftime. Nketiah has been off TBH. He’s not working with Gabi at all. Him and Gabi are just polar opposites in this game. Gabi makes a run, Eddie doesn’t pick him. I’d give it another 10 mins, if it doesnt work haul off Eddie and bring in leo who might exchange more passes with Gabi.

  22. Right now Brentford are on top, very organised at the back, break well and to be honest could have been 2-0 up, we have simply struggled to break them down, hence why they are unbeaten since the end of the WC. I hope Arteta doesn’t leave it too late for changes, the Brentford manager credit to him has got his tactics spot on, let’s hope the second half will be different. We need a piece of brilliance to score, do that and Brentford will come out more leaving them exposed, but we do seem a bit off the pace

  23. Possession % Home 70.1 Away 29.9
    Total Shots Home 11 Away 6
    On Target Home 4 Away 1
    Off Target Home 5 Away 3
    Blocked Home 2 Away 2
    Passing % Home 87.7 Away 69.7

    Brentford on top *rolleyes*. Stop letting commentary confuse you, please.

    1. To be fair Brentford had 2 clear-cut chances too and should have scored but that was against the run of the play not within it and they missed them which is still them too within the context of being dominated elsewhere.

    2. They’ve played the role of the underdog team – accepted that we’ll have more possession and contained us quite well. Yes we’ve had more shots, but we’ve had fewer really good chances, plus we got very lucky when saliba slipped and we got a free kick earlier in the game.
      We’ve not been the better team.
      Having said that – we just scored! Great strength from Saka and concentration from trossard

  24. 3rd goal coming from a set piece although not direct, this is becoming an issue.

    About time wasting, once a gk gets sent off for multiple time wasting it will stop but epl ref don’t have the balls to do it

  25. We as fans are supposed to have rose-tinted glasses. Not the other way around where we praise the opposition. If we played like Newcastle when they got the 0-0 or Brentford today with a 1-1 if it stays that way everyone would be complaining yet they praise it, it’s beyond me. Brentford are 7th not relegation.

              1. Go away with your nonsense best team in the league up until now when you’re commenting if they get worse and lose the title in the future it wouldn’t make your current comments any better, we’d have to lose multiple games that haven’t been played yet for that to happen.

  26. Nketiah has been beyong awful.Subbing Gabi instead of him was wrong. He’s part of the reason Gabi’s perfomance was underwhelming cause he just wasnt creating situations where they could exchange passes

    1. We’ll no doubt get the article on how right he was to suggest this whilst suggesting previously we were not in the top 4 race last year and certainly wouldn’t be in the title race this year.

    1. If we approach their game the way we’ve approached the last two, then we are clearly losing then everyone will lose their heads. I’d take a draw and try to refocus this team who seem to have allowed media noise to get into their heads.

  27. This has more to do with players’ and manager’s mindset more than anything else. Our players’ attitude in the first half stunk yet Mikel didnt lay into them for looking too comfortable at times which gave Brentford very clear openings. Brentford just sat back and hit us at the break. This is the most painful result for me ’cause we knew what we had to do but strolled into the pitch like Brentford would just hand us the 3 points.

  28. Titlle race has started to slip slowly, our hope is diminishing and if not now never again – thanks arteta you will also pass as others did

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