Man City v Arsenal Women Player ratings – some low scores for our Gunners..

Man City v Arsenal Women Player ratings – some low scores for Gunners.. by Michelle
It is very difficult to know what to conclude from the Man City v Arsenal WSL game yesterday to be honest. Arsenal managed to hold Man City to 0-0 at full-time when the two met on Wednesday in the Conti Cup semi-final 3 days earlier. Blackstenius then scored in the 3rd minute of extra-time stealing a win for our Gunners. Then yesterday’s match was a totally different ball-game..
There was an early chance from Maanum in the opening minutes which quickly moved to the other end of the field for Man City’s 1st goal of the match just over the 3 minute mark. If Maanum had scored could it have changed the match? Who knows, but for the rest of the first half Arsenal were nothing short of abysmal in my humble opinion.
It’s like our Arsenal squad didn’t take any of Jonas’ best advise: Like who’s the best at eating? Who’s the best at sleeping? Who’s the best at taking ice baths? You have to be a world champion in those things here now, for Thursday and Friday. That’s what is going to make a big difference on Saturday. Did our Gunners all eat burgers & pizza? Stay up late? And take spa rather than ice baths lol?!
Without further ado, here are my individual Arsenal Women player ratings for yesterday’s match (1 abysmal to 10 Superb):
Zinsberger (7) Manu and her back-line seemed to have sent each other to Coventry – serious lack of communication and Zinsberger’s incredulous look at her back-line was class! However, Zinsberger did go on to make some incredible saves and pick the ball up out wider to dissolve Man City threats..
Leah Williamson (6) Leah put in a rare poor performance, moving into midfield but almost instantly giving the ball away. Made a vital block though after substitute Lia Walti gave the ball away.

Lotte Wubben-Moy (4) Lotte made some poor back-passes and was far too easily dispossessed in dangerous areas. Shaw was able to get the ball off her and find Chloe Kelly for Man City’s second goal. And she could have conceded a penalty after her challenge on Hemp – if it had been a VAR decision..? Lotte was subbed at half-time which sums it up her performance really, sloppy at best..

Rafaelle Souza (6) – The whole afternoon was defensively messy but Rafaelle rose above the Man City defence to put a superb header into the back of the net, bringing Arsenal some hope back into the game on the hour mark.

Noelle Maritz (4)– Maritz was responsible for Lauren Hemp’s opener in my opinion. Caught ball-watching instead of being on Hemp too many times. Played better in the second half (the only way was up!) Subbed on 80.

Kim Little (5) – Little launched an effort from distance after 10 minutes but it was comfortably saved by the keeper. Unlike Kim, she struggled to keep possession on occasion when under real pressure from City players, as did many of her teammates..

Frida Maanum (7)– Maanum had the chance to make it 1-0 in the opening few minutes, but her strike from distance just flew wide post. Maanum’s close control nearly carved another opening for our Gunners on a few occasions..

Steph Catley (5) – Catley gave Hemp and Kelly too much space in the first half. She did in a dangerous free-kick before half-time but Arsenal were unable to make anything of it.

Caitlin Foord (5) – Foord added some great help defensively when the back line were struggling (which was most of the first half!). She was one of the few that played with some aggression. Subbed at the break.

Stina Blackstenius (5) – Blackstenius lost the ball in midfield in the build up to City’s opener. Her first real chance of scoring came early in the second half. A fantastic run (which raised our hopes!) but was denied by the post. Quiet game before she was subbed on 80.

Victoria Pelova (5) – Pelova had quite a quiet game for, and held onto the ball a little too long on occasion. Over hit a cross in to Foord in the first half. Subbed on 69.

Lia Walti (4) (on for Wubben-Moy at halftime) – Lia didn’t have her best game, coming on and making the same defensive errors. Lia was robbed by Shaw and Man City really were a whisper away from making it three.

Katie McCabe (6) (on for Foord at halftime) – Katie did contribute to a slightly better second half for Arsenal. She was booked shortly after coming on. Don’t know why Eidevall didn’t have Katie in his starting eleven..

Kathrine Kuhl (7) (on for Pelova 69m) Kuhl was a bright little spark for Arsenal in attack, posing problems for Man City’s defence on the left wing.

Laura Weinroither (6) (on for Martiz 81m) Difficult to rate on 10 minutes play really but again, don’t know why she didn’t start..

Gio Queiroz (7) (on for Blackstenius 81m Gio only played the final 10 but nearly forced a penalty in the box when she was taken down in the final minutes of the game.

Man City turned in an outstanding performance and our Gunners couldn’t really find anything in to answer it with. How do you Gooner’s rate the game and the players?

Michelle Maxwell

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