Shearer reckons VAR panicked over Brentford goal

Premier League legend Alan Shearer has given his opinion on Brentford’s goal against Arsenal, which he believes should have been ruled out.

The Gunners took the lead through Leandro Trossard as they looked to beat a very stubborn Brentford side.

However, the Bees had other ideas and ensured they got at least one goal back through Ivan Toney.

It was enough to help Thomas Frank’s side maintain their league-unbeaten run, but after the game, everyone began to question the strike, even though there was a lengthy VAR check for errors.

Shearer suggests the check took too long and the VAR panicked. The ex-striker said on the BBC:

“Lee Mason, in VAR, he has panicked. He is thinking he has used too much time on that thing looking at it.

“He hasn’t spotted that, and he certainly hasn’t spotted the big error which was the second header from where the goal came from. Awful error.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is sad that we are at the wrong end of a bad decision, as it has been for most of the time and we have to move on.

Dwelling on what could have been is pointless and we must now show we have the character required to be champions by beating Manchester City in our next fixture, but it will not be an easy game, with the champions now confident they could overtake us.

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  1. I’m curious. If the PL was so inclined, could they go out and sign the top referees in the world? Or is it required that domestic leagues have home- grown officials?

    Isn’t there an Aussie reffing in the PL now? A fairly thin skinned one if yesterday’s second yellow to Lemina is anything to go by.

    1. It’s a good question.

      A reason often put forward for the standard of refereeing in the UK is that the abuse they suffer at lower levels of the game is so bad that most give up before they reach a senior level.

      Perhaps other countries don’t have that problem so there may a pool of talented top-level refs waitingt to be tapped into.

      On the other hand, looking at the standard of refs in the WC etc, perhaps some countries have bigger problems than the UK!

  2. Some form of radical changes necessary, it is happening too often now for my liking.

    There is no way why such blatant errors should be happening every week, even with the extended time the official still gets it wrong.

    Change the rules to assist the officials, make it less technical or abandoned VAR totally.

    Too much stress and embarrassment, Lampard once said even his three year old daughter at home could get certain decision right.

    1. VAR didn’t get it wrong – the VAR ref advised wrongly. The on-field ref incorrectly failed to overrule him (he has the final decision, as always).

      But… with VAR, it should’ve been chalked off. VAR gave them a chance to get it right. They failed to take advantage of the benefits of the technology.

      Only in football are these bad decisions so frequent. The human officials in other sports get it right, as a team.

      1. You are telling me something that i have already said. VAR got it wrong and that was because of human error, we know. I just shortened it, to make a point. If VAR was invented the goal would still have stood.

  3. Drawing the line to determine offsides is the only purpose of the line, so why did they not use it?
    Line judge does not have line..

    Hmmm. corruption me thinks

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